CHErIsH researcher wins award for obesity research

AMM-180125-7136CHErIsH post-doctoral researcher, Dr Elaine Toomey was recently awarded the ‘Irish Canadian University Foundation James M Flaherty Early Career Researcher Award’. Dr Toomey received the award to conduct further research on the adaptation of ‘Football Fans in Training’ (FFIT), an effective health behaviour change intervention developed by Prof Kate Hunt, Prof Sally Wyke and Dr Cindy Gray that used Scottish professional football clubs to engage with overweight and obese men. The ‘Hockey Fit’ intervention was recently developed by Dr Rob Petrella and Dr Dawn Gill in Western University, Ontario to adapt the FFIT project to ice-hockey, within a Canadian context.

Elaine’s award will enable her to visit Western University and explore the Canadian ‘Hockey Fit’ intervention with a specific focus on how FFIT components were adapted to suit a different sporting and cultural context, and inform how this might be used in an Irish context. Dr Toomey will also spend time in the Centre for Implementation Research in the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute to maximise how knowledge from her visit to Western University can be used to inform adaptation and translation into an Irish setting, using a structured and theory-based approach.

Elaine was interviewed on Thursday 15th February about this award and also about the work of the CHErIsH study on the ‘Limerick Today’ programme on Limerick’s Live 95fm. Radio host Joe Nash, was particularly interested in the work of the CHErIsH study into how infant feeding behaviours could be changed to prevent childhood obesity. Listen back to the interview podcast here!


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