CHErIsH launch receives coverage in local media

The CHErIsH team were delighted to receive great coverage of their recent launch event in the local media.

The launch event, which took place at the Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre (MPHC) last month, attracted considerable media attention, with articles and photographs appearing in the local Mallow Star newspaper as well as The Corkman newspaper. 

Article on CHErIsH launch in Corkman newspaper

Local photographer Seán Jefferies was also on hand on the day to take a collection of photos featuring members of the CHErIsH team and practitioners and staff from MPHC who will be involved in rolling out the intervention. These include Dr Tony Heffernan, a GP from MPHC who is leading the intervention, and the CHErIsH Principal Investigator, Professor Patricia Kearney from UCC’s School of Public Health, both of whom launched the event.

Article in Mallow Star newspaper
GPs from MPHC attending the event

Coverage of the event also appeared in the latest edition of EPI News – the newsletter of the School of Public Health at UCC. The CHErIsH team are grateful to all those who attended on the day and for the excellent coverage received.

CHErIsH launch features in latest edition of EPINews at School of Public Health, UCC

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